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Depakote Lawsuit filed after Child born with Major Heart Defect

In Illinois, another birth defect lawsuit against the makers of the anti-seizure drug Depakote has been filed on behalf of a child who was born with a serious cardiac defect. In her Depakote birth defect lawsuit, Michelle Cowin-Gantz claims that … Continue reading

Another Epilepsy Drug linked to Birth Defects

In recent years, multiple drugs prescribed to prevent seizures in patients with epilepsy have been associated with a higher risk of birth defects when used during pregnancy. Specifically, the drugs Topamax and Depakote have been linked to cleft lip, cleft … Continue reading

Judge Limits Testimony of Medical Witnesses in Depakote Birth Defect Lawsuit

Last week, the federal judge overseeing a Depakote birth defect lawsuit ruled that two pediatric experts would have their testimony substantially limited. Bloomberg reports that U.S. District Judge Charles A. Shaw ruled on May 6 to limit the testimony of … Continue reading

Judge Denies Abbot’s Motion to Dismiss Depakote Birth Defect Lawsuit

Last month, a federal judge in Missouri denied a motion filed by Abbott Laboratories for summary judgment in a Depakote lawsuit based on claims of failure to warn of spina bifida birth defect risks. The judge also recently denied Abbot’s … Continue reading

Colorado Girl Courageously Draws Attention to Cleft Lip Issues

Every year, thousands of babies are born with oral cleft defects in the United States, but most Americans don’t realize that the process of fixing a cleft lip or cleft palate is often painful and lasts many years. A girl … Continue reading

Another Seizure Drug Birth Defect Risk: Autism

Women who suffer from epilepsy or similar seizure disorders often struggle with the decision to take or not to take anti-seizure medications while pregnant. On the one hand, having a seizure while pregnant could be very harmful or even fatal … Continue reading

Study says Topamax may increase Glaucoma Risk

Topamax is an anti-seizure drug which has been associated with a number of serious side effects including cleft lip birth defects when taken during pregnancy. Now, a new study is showing that patients who use Topamax to help prevent epileptic … Continue reading

Epilepsy Increases Risk of Maternal Death in Childbirth

All pregnant women run some risk of experiencing a difficult or dangerous delivery or giving birth to a child with a serious birth defect. However, substantial research has shown that women who struggle with epilepsy face extra risks, including a … Continue reading

Janssen Appeals another Topamax Cleft Lip Lawsuit

Last month, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, stated that they would appeal a recent $3 million verdict awarded to a mother who claimed their drug Topamax caused her daughter’s birth defects. In March 2014, a jury awarded … Continue reading

Pennsylvania Court sides with Plaintiff in $11M Topamax Birth Defect Lawsuit Appeal

When Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals appealed a recent Topamax birth defect lawsuit verdict which required them to pay nearly $11 million to a family, the Philadelphia Superior Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff. According to an article in … Continue reading